Welcome to my final inquiry portfolio. This website is based on the negative effects that mobile phones have on drivers. I chose to research this topic as I found it extremely interesting and felt it needed to be brought to light. The fact that so many lives are needlessly lost every year due to the distraction of a mobile phone behind the wheel is what drove me to base the majority of this website on.

As the editor, I am of the opinion that people are unaware of the risk that is involved with mobile phone use while driving and believe this website will aid people in understanding that it is simply not worth risking your life for the sake of something that can be carried out before a journey begins, or after it comes to an end. The website itself will include research of my chosen topic: Mobile Phone Use While Driving and present the audience with hard evidence such as statistics on just how dangerous driving with a distraction as significant as a mobile phone is. I hope it will educate people as to why they should never pay attention to their mobile phone while they are driving as their chances of arriving at their desired destination safely are so heavily stacked against them when they do so.

Readers will encounter several pages in which they should navigate through in the order they are placed in within the header to better understand how my research developed. Having read the homepage, readers should then visit the Editor’s Introduction where they will find the introduction of sources, each of which is summarized and explains the connection they each have to one another. This also includes a subpage About the editor where readers can learn more about myself as I attempt the role of an editor for only the second time in my young writing career. Next is the Making of the Reader’s Guide where I will present a “behind the scenes” look at what went in to the making of my reader’s guide. It also includes subpages such as Freewrites, Parlors etc. which helps me explain how it developed throughout my UWRT1102 course. The audience is then given the opportunity to view my sources in the Source List and find out more about where I gathered my information from. The Editor’s Projected Inquiry was one of my favorite parts of this entire final portfolio assignment as we were given the opportunity to come up with an even more specific inquiry question if we had been given another semester to carry out the research for it. My projected inquiry question is: What does mobile phone use do to the human brain? The infographic I created for this assignment can be found in a drop down under this particular page. It describes the several paths I would take upon carrying out research on this topic. Lastly, I have constructed a Glossary of Key Terms at the end of my website for my readers to visit should they not understand a particular word in its given context.

I sincerely hope you enjoy the website.


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