The Importance of Friendship.

The fact that the chapter opens with a statement that really hits home for me is quite telling as to the direction our world is heading in. “Conversation? It died in 2009.” is referring to the digital age that we are now living in. Phones are slowly taking over our lives. Another quote I found extremely upsetting is “going out for a drink almost seems like too much work.”. The view that going for a drink with friends is a negative and not a positive is disappointing. It should be seen as a chance to get out and switch off for a short period of time rather than checking ones phone several more times in hope that someone has texted or called. As I alluded to in my first blog post, the digital age that we live in is causing a lot of laziness within our society and the quicker we realize the healthier and happier we will be.

I found it interesting that there are many people in our world who see their mobile phone as their best friend. It is quite sad to think that, am I right? In a world where there are upwards of 7 billion people, there are still some who are fully content with a screen. Don’t get me wrong, phones certainly have their advantages. Although one should not rely on a device so much to a point where they are completely lost without it in their vicinity. It does not have the same connection as face-to-face conversation does and I cannot begin to emphasize that enough to my audience.

I have been guilty of putting off plans with friends many times simply to scroll endlessly through several different apps. that have my attention. For what reason? I’ll never know. I remember the day my group of friends had decided to go go-karting back home in Ireland. I remember it specifically well because I wasn’t there to experience it with them but yet I had to listen to all the stories they had from the day. Who’s fault was that? No one but my own. They drove to it, in three or four cars, almost like a convoy. I was given the front seat of a car, yet it remained empty due to the stupidity and laziness. From that day forward, I vowed never to let a device control my life.

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