Rhetorical Situation

Having began college in August 2016, I was simply unaware of the requirements that must be met in relation to thinking rhetorically. I found it extremely difficult to adapt to rhetorical situations because I had never fully understood what it was all about. However, the fact that I have now gained plentiful  experience of rhetoric within my writing assignments in college, I feel I can relate better to my audience on the four main aspects of rhetorical situation. Audience, Purpose, Context, and Tone are all extremely important when composing a paper. In this Blog Post I will discuss my awareness of the four main aspects to rhetorical situation. I will also describe a situation that I did not understand the rhetorical situation and the consequences it had on both me and my paper. Finally, I will talk about what surprised me in relation to rhetoric situation and the knowledge I gained from reading Moxley’s article “Think Rhetorically”.

In my opinion, Audience is without a doubt the most important factor of rhetorical situation. A writing is only as good as the reviews of its readers. A writing without an audience is simply meaningless. The Purpose of a writing has also great importance as it must intend to connect with the audience and the writer must have reason for writing it. What is the writer attempting to achieve? I feel Context and Tone can be closely related as the way in which a writing is presented is vital. The writing must have a particular tone depending on who the target audience is. Is it an email to a friend or an academic paper your professor will read? On a similar note, context includes presenting a statement or idea for a writers audience that can be fully understood and assessed.

Within my UWRT1101 course last semester, we were asked to relate a blog post to the rhetoric triangle of ethos, lagos, and pathos. This was quite difficult for me to do seeing as I had never come in contact with rhetoric before. It had a negative consequence on my paper as I did not fully understood what was required of me when writing the post. A writer should always make themselves aware of what is required of them before they put the pen to paper. Lastly, the thing that surprised me most about rhetorical situation within this piece by Moxley was the simplicity of it all. He states that “your rhetorical situation is sometimes called your communication situation.” and having related rhetoric to communication, it is a great way to simplify it. It taught me that rhetoric is essentially the way in which you communicate with your audience and why.

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