The Solitude within Self-Reflection.

Within this blog post I will attempt to summarize both “Solitude” and “Self-Reflection” chapters. Having read about solitude; the state or situation of being alone. I wholeheartedly agree with the point the actor, and comedian Louis C.K. is trying to get across to his audience. Solitude is essential within this day and age and the fact that mobile phones are having a negative impact on this needs to be exposed. “I share, therefore I am”, a statement in which falsely creates a situation where people share photos etc. to be accepted. He says that “you need to build an ability to just be yourself and not be doing something. That’s what the phones are taking away. The ability to just sit there. That’s just being a person”. I felt this was an extremely important aspect of the chapter that we were presented with on the very first page. It was effective in the sense that while you made your way through the chapter it was playing on the reader’s mind. One should not be reliant on a device to bring upon happiness.

That is where I feel Self-Reflection ties into it all. Solitude “opens up the space for self-reflection” as it creates an environment where one is isolated with their thoughts. I found it extremely interesting how Vanessa, a college junior was documented saying “I never just think” when she reflected back on her quiet moments. To me, this is extremely disappointing that we are letting the digital age control our most humanistic traits. She is dismissing an aspect of humanism that is of high importance within ones life, especially a young adult like herself.

There were several questions that were brought to the surface as I progressed through the chapters, including “does social media create some sort of self-reflection?”. And in fact, it does. “You share as you reflect: you reflect as you share” yet it lacks authenticity. There is some kind of device involved and self-reflection is most effective when one is one with their thoughts. Therefore, I came to the conclusion that solitude and self-reflection are vital. In fact, the younger you are the more vital it is. “So can both these factors aid you in knowing who you really are?”.




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