Educating Both Right and Wrong.

In my opinion, the point that the group of students make in the first couple of pages of this chapter is an extremely accurate one. I can relate to it well on a day-to-day basis as I have done it in the past myself. “They have been texting during class and feel bad because of the very personal material being discussed”. There is no denying that many students have been in a situation of this nature before, not only because of the personal level of the conversation but the impact the teacher has on you personally. This was certainly the case for me anyway. The more involved in the class I was, the less likely I was to even think about taking out my phone and sending a text. Although I knew it was wrong in any classroom, the teacher always had a huge bearing on whether I reached for the device or not.

I agree with the several points the author makes within this chapter based on “Education”. It is clear that a distraction of this magnitude in a classroom has severe learning consequences. One college senior describes her friends’ as: “If they has their choice, conversations would begin with a tweet and end with a tweet” which just goes to show how technology, within education but also outside of it, will “reshape” people. Students know that it is hard to concentrate in class when holding a device yet they still do it, which leads me to believe we are willing to sacrifice what could prove to be vital information down the line. So I ask this of my readers, “would unitasking make us more whole as humans?”. Yes, there is a time and a place for using electronic devices but we must prioritize.

It is depressing to think that we are becoming less and less human within education also. I feel this ties in greatly with previous chapters as “face-to-face conversation” is slowly becoming extinct. But I wanted to include a brief story about a teacher requiring students to collaborate on a midterm project in this blog post as I felt it summarized the negative direction we are heading in extremely well. So in conclusion, I ask you to picture this: “I imagined my students in conversation, working together at long tables in a dining hall. I imagined late nights and cold coffee in Styrofoam cups. But there had been no late nights or long tables. All the collaboration had happened on Gchat and Google Docs, a program that allows people to work on the same document at once”.


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