Invading Family Time.

Firstly, I chose the chapter about Family because I felt I could relate to it best. There have been situations in my life where I have been frustrated by or frustrated others using electronic devices during family time. Be it at the dinner table, during a family movie, or even mid way through a conversation. There is never a good time to take out your mobile phone and turn your complete attention to it. I am extremely interested in the prospect of researching technology use as an addiction for my Inquiry Project as I believe it best describes the problem today. It is an addiction that many people cannot overcome but not only that, it is the fact that they don’t see it as an addiction at all. I am also fascinated by what it is that makes us so dependent on our electronic devices and what effect it is having on our body etc.

Having read this chapter, a topic I would like to bring to everyone’s attention in our next parlor would be the negative effect technology is having within households. Not only with children and teenagers, but also with adults too. The chapter opens with a quote that really hits home for the reader from the outset. “Daddy! Stop googling! I want to talk to you”. I found this quite frustrating as the father is dismissing his child for something that could easily be put off until a later, more appropriate time. It is situations like this that bring about the feeling of loss and resignation. Furthermore, Mitch, a fifteen-year-old boy feels he has lost his parents to their phones. What does that say about the world we live in today? He comes home from school and “mom is usually on her computer doing work… Sometimes she doesn’t even look up from her screen when I am talking to her.” So answer me this, how would a situation like this make you feel? I can promise you it would make you feel somewhat unwanted. So here’s where we are now: parents are turning to their phones and away from their children, but why? Parents have actually been found wanting to “shut down” family time as it causes stress and if that doesn’t worry you as to the direction our world is going in, I don’t know what will.

In conclusion, I completely agree with what the author is trying to get at within this chapter. The fact family time is a lot more valuable than we make it nowadays. Conversation is the key to building relationships and it is fizzing out at a rapid rate. Our actions are the only thing strong enough to change this: it is now or never.



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