Sparking Interest.

Personally, I have enjoyed many of the readings and parlors in our class. I have been extremely interested in several of the topics we have read about and discussed. These topics include things like Is social media an addiction?, Who’s fault is it that there is such a negative light cast over technology? etc. However, the thing I am most interested in finding more about is The effects technology has on people. Of course there are two sides to an argument and I am intrigued to find both the positive and negative effects of technology as I feel they are not fairly reported in our world’s media today. These ideas surfaced with me when reading Turkle’s Reclaiming Conversation. The book itself really hit home for me as it covers many of my topics of interest surrounding technology.

In this blog I want to focus on one particular topic: The effects technology can have on people. To be completely honest, my interest in this topic stemmed from when I opened the book first. I was drawn to the world of technology and all of the stories Turtle presented us with. Real life people being shaped by technology of all different kinds. So that brings me to my question: Does technology make us more or less human? There are certain cases where technology takes away from humans, but also cases where it aids us greatly. But how different would the world be if we did not have technology? Or is that even imaginable seeing as our world has come on leaps and bounds since the introduction of things such as the mobile phone or the automobile.

In conclusion, several of my topics can be closely related via the authenticity of technology. Technology can be seen as an addiction that takes away from an individual’s capacity to connect, the negative light cast upon technology in the media can overshadow the real reason why we have technology within our world. Therefore, I ask you to delve deeper into the media’s story or the purpose of technology, as I believe this is where we fall short. We are ill-informed.


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