Approaches to Inquiry.

Having skimmed my way through the several examples of inquiry projects we were presented with for this assignment, I certainly think they are accurate forms of inquiry. The Inquiry process is defined as “a seeking for truth, information, or knowledge by questioning” and I feel these projects tick all the boxes in relation to inquiry requirements. I think they are all presented in different ways but represent what I see as inquiry; gaining knowledge or information.

I would like to discuss what I found to be the most interesting inquiry project; Seeking Revenge in the Underworld of Stolen Bikes. I think the question that is guiding this entire project is why is stealing bikes such a big thing? We wonder why they are so popular for thief’s but learn soon after reading the piece that the majority of stolen bikes are then sold on websites such as eBay, Craigslist etc. Furthermore, a simple bike lock will not stop an ambitious thief as they know a healthy reward awaits them should they swipe it successfully.

In my own time, there are many things I would do that could be considered as inquiry. Although I am not always aware of it, learning the inquiry process definition has opened my eyes up to what inquiry really is. Thinking back on what inquiry I have done, searching people’s social media sites, searching for music, or researching my next holiday destinations have all come to mind. It is extremely interesting how they are all led by a question also. Who is this person?, What new songs are out?, Where would I like to visit on holiday next? etc.

Below is a link I found to an interesting form of inquiry: This project highlights decision-making according to a set of rules and understandings. The guiding question seems to be: Do you think you could be a leader, the President even?. I believe they chose this question because it compares similar roles within significantly different environments. For example, a first grade teacher who is a leader of a community, who must make difficult decisions, and abide by a set of agreed upon rules and understandings that help guide a community of people. Almost identical to the President whom does the same albeit on a much, much larger scale.



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