Research Log 1.

The title of my source is Smartphone Dependence ( It was written in April 2015 by a young Chinese man by the name of Jack Linshi. Linshi is a writer for Time magazine, focusing a lot of his attention to the business column. This particular article helped me gain a slightly new perspective surrounding smartphone usage with 36% of U.S. adults not even owning a smartphone at all. I found that it is in fact the younger generation who are more dependent on their cell phones than anyone else.

Having read this article, there are several questions that come to mind: Is it the environment that an individual grows up in that determines what the necessities to life are?, Why do people let their smartphones have such a big impact on their mood? 15% of people surveyed stated their smartphone leaves them with negative feelings of anger. I found it a particularly relevant read that provides the reader with charts that include some interesting figures. It broadened my knowledge in relation to smartphones use in the U.S. although the most important thing in my opinion was the fact that Americans won’t ditch their smartphone unless they really have to. An overwhelming majority of people said “their smartphone made them feel happy and productive”.

I believe this source ties in well with many other sources of its kind as it focuses on age being the leading factor that causes smartphone abuse. Although it does not refer to any other source within the piece, Linshi certainly has a primary focus that many other authors base their articles on. This particular article also makes me want to research this topic further and expand my knowledge on what exactly has people’s attention on their smartphones. Is it social media, text messaging etc.?  I look forward to delve deeper into this topic in the future.


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