Atkins Library Activity.

Having participated in this library assignment, there are many things I have gained knowledge on. For example, you can see almost every building on campus from the 10th floor and how it easy checking out a book really is. Although I had pictured the library to be a slightly intimidating place, I couldn’t have been more wrong. It is a fantastic asset for UNC Charlotte and a wonderful place to work in peace and learn about new topics at your own pace. It was an extremely enjoyable assignment for me personally.

I found it particularly helpful that there was a voice over in the library videos explaining how to do particular tasks. I used this to locate my book (Kane&Abel) on the 6th floor and learn where exactly you check the book itself out. There are many sources on the library website that will aid me for my inquiry project and I look forward to using them. The one thing that surprised me was the sheer size of the library, I was aware that it was big but it is not until you are in it that you realize thousands of people can be in there at once without it feeling crowded. The students in the library seemed to be very focused with little distraction on each and every floor. As I alluded to before, it is a peaceful place and everyone seemed to be working with a purpose on assignments, projects etc. Also, several of the floors were fitted with computers for student use. My favorite place in the library is without a doubt the 10th floor. It was the most quiet floor which I felt was important in relation to getting work done. It also has some of the most spectacular views across Charlotte which I very much enjoyed. After I had completed the note-taking part of this assignment, I set up camp by the window and began to wrote this blog post.

I will certainly be coming back to Atkins Library again to use the many resources it has to offer. I think it is the best place to come and study because you are in an environment with people who have the same goals as you. It is certainly one of the most interesting places on campus.

img_0385           img_0387          img_0388


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