Research Blog 2.

“Cell Phone Ownership”

  • Cell phone ownership among adults now exceeds 90% (56% of which are smartphones).


  • 41% of cell phone owners said they turned to their phones to fill in free time.


  • Some 28% of cell owners at that time admitted that they didn’t drive as safely as they should.


  • “Many people constantly check their phones; keep them by their bedside; think their phones make life better because they connect with pals more often; think their phones make life easier to plan; and think their phones make them more productive.”

Summary: Nowadays, adults are making significant strides towards equalling teenage cell phone usage. 91 percent of adults are on board, although this may have negative consequences.

“Cell Phone Use During Sex? Believe It”

  • “Ever notice how people are glued to their mobile phones, like they’ve forgotten to put them down? Well, it’s worse than you thought.”
  • “People are using their mobile phones at what polite company might consider the most inappropriate places.”


  • 72% of people say that they are within 5 feet of their phones most of the time.


  • About 55% used their phones while driving, even with all the warnings of how talking or texting while driving can be dangerous.


  • A full third (33.3%) used their phones during a dinner date.


  • Even though mixing electronics and water is usually a bad idea, 12% used their phones in the shower.
  • 19% have used their phones in a place of worship, suggesting that the officiating person might try texting that sermon.

Summary: This article focuses on examples of inappropriate places people will use their phones. It is quite alarming that the level of dependence is so high.



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