Research Blog 3.

Mobile Phone Addiction

The most interesting thing I found within my first source was the effect mobile phone addiction can have on character traits, for example, high anxiety, and teenagers’ low self-esteem etc. This article was written in November, 2012 by Da-Yeah University’s Graduate Institute of Professional Development department in Taiwan. This source relates closely to many of my other sources in the sense that they all focus highly on mobile phone addiction and the negative effect it has on individuals. I have decided to focus my research question on primarily the negatives that come with mobile phone dependence. Having read this particular article, I have been given insight into the negative effects mobile phone dependence/addiction can have on an individual’s character and how easily experts can determine what traits someone may possess simply because of what they do most with their mobile phone. This article makes me want to broaden my knowledge further on the effects mobile phone overuse has on the brain. Some words from the article I have listed as ‘good search terms’ are: extraversion and social anxiety.

Sherry Turkle – Ted Talk

My second source is a TED Talk performed by Sherry Turtle. For me, this was an extremely interesting source having read her book Reclaiming Conversation which concentrated a lot on technology and the negative effects it has on society. This TED Talk took place on November 20, 2014. This source concentrates on how the use of technology, including mobile phones, can make us feel connected when in reality we are in isolation. This video made me realize the false sense of security we get from our mobile phones and how it can be destructive within our day-to-day lives. This can be closely related with addiction as we cannot separate ourselves from our devices. I gained several new perspectives having watched this video, including the likes of how mobile phones can disconnect us from our daily lives. This source has led me to believe mobile phones do far more harm than good and should be used in moderation to help promote a healthier lifestyle. It also raised the question of ‘Are we ever fully connected through our devices?’.

Furthermore, I find the more research I do the more my topic has changed. For example, when I started out I hadn’t focused on the more negative effects of how dependent we are on our mobile phones. This helps me better understand the research process how the more research I do the more strength and specificity my guiding question has. In my opinion, my guiding question is extremely interesting and although I may alter it slightly in the future, I think it has great depth to it.


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