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Effects of Mobile Phone Use on the Brain

This article is focused on the negative effects that mobile phone use can have on the brain. In the introductory paragraph, the author, highlights that concerns continue to be raised about potential adverse health impacts associated with their use. These range from cancer and cognitive deficiencies to subjective effects, such as a feeling of warmth around the ear used, headache and fatigue. This article provides an overview of the concerns raised and summarizes what is known about them which I think is extremely important for mobile phone users to be aware of.

The author presents to us as readers his argument that mobile phones may actually cause more harm than good in the long run, without us realizing it. The first studies of this kind took place in the USA, Sweden, Denmark and Finland yet the results showed no significant association between digital mobile phone use and malignant brain tumors. The main gist of what the author is trying to get across to his audience is the negative effect mobile phones can have on the human brain in situations such as driving, overuse etc. A strong link has been found between mobile phone use while driving and the occurrence of traffic accidents, resulting in some governments taking steps to ban mobile phone use when navigating traffic. Yet there has been no significant relationship has been established between mobile phone use and the incidence or growth of cancer, especially brain tumours. Although there is still justification for further studies, which look at the risks of longer-term mobile phone use (approx. over 15 years), these type of studies address a broad range of health outcomes, not only brain tumors.

Therefore, parents must look after their children from a young age as they may be effected in later life. The authors of this particular article: F. Samkange-Zeeb and M. Blettner have been working to provide an overview of the concerns raised with mobile phone use since it was published on June 12, 2009. It can almost be viewed as a shout out to all mobile phone users to broaden their knowledge of how the device can negatively impact them if it is not used in moderation.



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