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Health Risks of Mobile Phones

This particular article highlights the many health risks that are involved with the use of mobile phones. I found it extremely interesting how unaware of the risks involved with movie phone use that most people are. The main argument that the author poses is that of the exposure of Radio-Frequency (RF) from mobile phones.

I feel this source refers to many of the sources I have research as they are all focusing on negative effects of not only mobile phone use but overuse also. It mentions the relationship between mobile phone use and cancer which is also a field I am extremely interested in researching for my topic. This leads me to the next branch of questions: What else does it make you want to know? Search for next? What questions does this source raise for you? Having read this article, I am interested to find out about what areas of the brain is effected and how the radioactive waves coming from the mobile phone itself can promote brain tumors. This leads me to pose the question of: Is the belief that ‘mobile phone use promotes cancer’ a myth?

In conclusion, there are several key words and phrases within this article but the three words I have put most emphasis on are: Health risks, Radio-Frequency (RF) and Cancer. I felt these are the three words that could help aid me in finding what I want to know next.


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