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TEDx Talk

Rather than focusing on the negative effects in relation to mobile phone use in this blog post, I have decided to highlight what good electronic devices can bring to the table. In this particular source, a TEDx talk performed by Paul Lewis focuses on the power of citizen journalists and their electronic devices. In this video, Lewis discusses how information can be misleading. The police are attempting to cover their tracks when they brutally kill a man in the first of the two cases, only for it to be caught on video camera by a bystander. The second was the brutal suffocation of a man who was being restrained in a dangerous hold on an airplane only to later stop breathing as a result of it. Lewis and his team were determined to get to the bottom of both cases in which were unfairly portrayed in the public eye.

I found the most surprising thing to come from this source to be the corruption within the police force. The fact that they were willing to deny any wrongdoing within both of the cases presented to us just goes to show the direction our world is going in: every man for himself. I am intrigued to find out about more cases that have been aided by citizen journalists and their electronic devices,  i.e mobile phones.

Mobile Phone Use On-Board

Within this article, the author talks about the frustration flight attendants encounter when attempting to prepare the passengers for take off, i.e asking them to oblige by the rules by turning their mobile devices off or on airplane mode at least. It highlights the fact that mobile phones make their job harder than it should be and especially with passengers like the example they give in the article in which he refuses to hang up his phone call. Thus, causing the pilot and flight attendants to take more serious measures. The pilot turned the plane around, went back to the gate, and had the man pulled off the plane by armed guards.  The flight attendants then explained the passenger was in violation of FAA regulations and would now face a fine and possible criminal charges. The other passengers and I sat there, stunned. It was only last year when the FAA deemed the use of mobile phones as safe during takeoff and landing, once the airplane is equipped with proper interference technology. This article was extremely interesting for me as mobile phones have become a huge distraction even in the workplace.


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