Editor’s Projected Inquiry

In my opinion, the Editor’s Projected Inquiry assignment was one of the most interesting assignments we completed all year. We were required to come up with a topic we would be interested in researching had we been given another semester to do so. As I thought of a new inquiry question, I was interested in leaning more towards the human brain and how it can be effected by mobile phones. Having decided to research the effects of mobile phone use while driving for my original inquiry question, I was particularly interested in the mobile phone side of things. Therefore, if I was given another semester to do further research it would be What does mobile phone use do to the human brain?

As a class, we were required to compose a projected inquiry infographic for this assignment. It required us to highlight the main points of our projected inquiry topic. We would then have to present our infographics to the class; explain what it was about, what our thinking behind them was and what are next steps would be if we carried out the research fully. My infographic focused on mobile phones which I had previously included in my original inquiry question, only this time it would be the effects they have on the human brain. I chose to research this particular topic because I was curious as to what mobile phone abuse does to the human brain and how it does this. In fact, it was originally one of the questions I had shortlisted to do for my original inquiry project. I had documented this in one of my free-writes throughout the year. I had quoted “Mobile phone abuse is something within technology that I would love to learn more about. The supposed negative effect it has on our brain is fascinating and I want to know how and why to it all.” There are many cases within our society today in which the younger generation are known for mobile phone overuse therefore I was interested in finding out what it really does to our brains. However, seeing as this assignment was a projected inquiry, we would not have sufficient time to complete the research. Hence, there would be a significant amount of research still to carry out before it was a complete research project.What I have learned about research within this course is that it is a life-long process and one is constantly adding to their own personal research puzzle one piece at a time. My infographic contains the things I would look into further if I was given time to complete this assignment. For example, the infographic contains a ‘radiation’ bubble which would be the next step I would focus a lot of my attention on as mobile phones supposedly give off radioactive waves that can play a big part in promoting the growth of cancerous cells within our brain. This would be one of the more significant steps that I would have to carry out as the research progressed due to the interest that is shown within our society nowadays regarding the connection between mobile phone use and cancer. Furthermore, the infographic contains a quote from one of our in class parlors. I found it extremely interesting as it stated: “a human being spends, on average, 95% of their lives indoors.” This really captured my attention as, apart from eating and sleeping, I was under the impression most of our time spent was spent outside in the open. It just showed me the direction in which the youth of our world has gone. They have turned towards technology and, in particular, mobile phones.  The infographic itself can be seen in a drop down page under Editor’s Projected Inquiry.


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