Library Resources

I felt mentioning the library within the Making of the Reader’s Guide was absolutely necessary. It aided me greatly on the research front with several of the sources I used within my inquiry project having been in the libraries database. The library was a great asset to me throughout the semester as I could rely on it fully. The information that I found was directly related to my chosen inquiry topic which meant I could gather concise information that was of great value.

Furthermore, having not been quite aware of all the library had to offer to students in The University of North Carolina at Charlotte prior to this semester, as a class we were given the opportunity to take part in a library activity. This activity required us to complete a number of tasks such as using the libraries database to find sources, check out a book etc. While I was doing so, I was made aware of just how valuable the library really is and for that I am grateful for our professor for allowing us to do so. It certainly added to the strength of my final inquiry portfolio and gave it more depth and insight.


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