For this section of the Making of the Reader’s guide, the aim of the parlor’s was to get together as a class and discuss ideas, express opinions etc. I felt this played a huge role in shaping my research as I gathered so much knowledge and many great ideas from my fellow class mates. Seeing as we had several parlors throughout the first half of the semester, there was many topics we discussed from Sherry Turkle’s book Reclaiming Conversation.  This book was written with the intent of making people aware that we must reclaim conversation that has recently been overshadowed by the world of technology. A quote my teacher shared with us as a class from Burke’s parlor metaphor has stayed with me throughout my entire inquiry project and it was something that helped me grasp what research really means. “discussion is interminable”. So, like research, individuals are only adding their piece to a much larger scale as research is constantly ongoing and always changing.


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